MARCH 22, 1997

Nini singing "Xa Em Ky Niem", one of the more
popular song she recorded with Asia.
Y Lan with the hit "Dung Xa Em Dem Nay",
written by Duc Huy.
Ai Van, in a traditional "Ao Dai Tu Than" dress,
pulled a reluctant music fan up to the stage.
She later sang a couple of folk songs.
Vina Uyen Mi, in a dynamic performance.
Nhu Quynh, singing her top hit "Chuyen Hoa Sim",
a song written by Anh Bang. She followed with
"Quynh Huong", a Trinh Cong Son song.
Comedy duo Van Son and Hoai Linh, making
a grand entrance on a cyclo.
Talking about "Ngu+o+`i Ye^u":
VS: Ngu+o+`i ye^u to^i co' mo^.t ddo^i ma('t bo^` ca^u, mo^.t con dda^.u, mo^.t con bay...
HL: Co`n ngu+o+`i ye^u to^i co' mo^.t ca(.p ma('t, mo^.t con, mo^.t con ha. ....
Huong Lan, still mourning the recent death
of her father Huu Phuoc, in a sad song.
Y Lan, Tuan Cuong (Y Lan's husband), Mai Linh
(Y Lan's oldest daughter) in traditional costumes
performing an elaborate skit.
Chi Tam, in a mellow "Nhac Que Huong" song.
Le Toan, with the Ao Dai Queens and Princesses of Northern California, singing "Can you feel the love tonight", theme song from the movie "The Lion King".
Don Ho, with the requested song "Trai Tim Mua Dong",
a song that Truc Ho wrote after watching the movie "Un coeur d'hiver".
Viet Dung and Nguyet Anh were 2 very articulate, funny and entertaining MCs for the night. Long known for their quest to gain freedom and fight for human rights for Vietnam, they also led a group of young students in a patriotic song to kick off the concert.

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